Due to its geographical location, Turkey has intensive political, economic and cultural relations with both Asia and Europe. In the meantime, while the tough geographical location, in which Turkey exists, provides opportunities in numerous fields, it also contains the challenges which are necessary to be taken into consideration. This critical geography is naturally and eminently effected by geopolitical, economic and technological developments in the world. The reflections of aforementioned developments on the field vary according to the ability to comprehend the reality at strategic and operative, as well as at global and regional levels. This ability in the final analysis, results in producing new idea, concept and doctrine with active endeavor, or consuming the products of others with passive attitude within the limits which are drawn by them. Likewise, the nations today are contending at intellectual field at first, then they are competing on projects.

It is necessary to comprehend and internalize the renewed world, whose main characteristic is Asian Age, in order to be able to look beyond to the horizon from 2020s onwards, while the international system is gradually sailing to a multipolar order. It seems possible as to comprehend the ‘new’ with only new thoughts and methods. In that, we are entering the Asian Age; then the necessity to start fire of a thought with a new understanding in which we would put Turkey in the center, and, to have a view in which we would not neglect Europe and other regions but we would prioritize Asia appears.

In this context, in the searching path of the absolute truth, understanding and giving meaning to the renewed world order with Turkish perspective comprise main intellectual motivation of ATA PLATFORM.


The main aim of ATA Platform, which will bring Asia, Europe and Turkey together in intellectual meaning, is to do studies in the wide geography of Eurasia under different topics, particularly geopolitics, digitalization, economy, energy and transportation.


To organize research workshop titled as ‘ATA TALKS’ and forum meetings if necessary,

To develop cooperation with platforms in other countries and to organize joint activities

To explain Turkey to abroad while benefiting from foreign experiences in the process of interaction,

To publish current analysis of experts on the website,

To prepare analysis and reports under different topics, if required.